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Our goal is to create experiences and solutions that leave a lasting impression and lead to a deeper relationship between your brand and customers.


What is participation marketing?

Younger people especially value experiences more than material possessions. People want to have an access to your brand’s story and make it their own. Participation marketing addresses this need. It uses an approach and elements that differ from other types of (especially traditional) marketing. First of all, it’s customer-focused and personal. You’re figuring out what your customers need and offering a chance to participate on their terms. The process must be engaging and attractive to make it worthwhile for the participants.

‘‘We’ve noticed that collaboration generates results that are based on real hopes and needs.’’

– Mari Savio

The benefits of participatory projects are not limited to increased brand awareness and involvement. Designing engaging and fun ways to interact with customers is a way to probe their needs and dreams more deeply and to collect feedback to improve services and products.

‘‘Participation marketing is the process of engaging customers and employees to roll up their sleeves and co-create goods, services, brands, and promotions.’’

– David Gardner

Participant wearing her decorated face mask during Piknik People Mask-querade with Kyrö Distillery.

What is co-creation?

Co-creation means collaborating as peers with a group that would normally be left out of a design or development process. Co-creation opens up this process for your customers and users in a way that is meaningful for all parties.

Working together opens up connections between people and makes the process engaging and effective. It can power the creative process in surprising ways.

High school students creating MUTU together with teachers and Piknik People Studio team.

It takes skills and craftmanship to bring an idea to life. We have years of experience of participation marketing and collaborative design projects that have succeeded to inspire and engage.

Our Services

We do:

  • Service concept development
  • Branding and visual systems
  • Creative direction
  • Marketing materials
  • Campaigns
  • Custom sketchbooks
  • Learning materials
  • Print publications
  • Web design
  • Co-creation workshops

Our Courses

This summer we will resume sketchbooking, sewing, and other craft courses for everybody – including teams and companies. Being in direct contact with people allows us to develop our engaging techniques and concepts further.

Our Publications and Products

DIY culture, craftsmanship, and an adventurous spirit are close to our hearts. Piknik People book and blog cover those themes and aim to inspire people to experiment in their personal and professional lives.