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Mari Savio

After selling her pioneering fashion brand Panik, Mari still worked years in fashion but started to get interested in learning, DIY culture, and co-creation methods. She did projects for i.e. Fiskars, Marimekko, Sanoma, and Wsoy. She has published four books on design and has become a expert in design learning. 

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Joonas Luotonen

In the early 2000s, Joonas started a tech company which led on a years long detour in the emerging world of mobile apps. He has also worked in Satama Interactive, TBWA Helsinki, Suunto, City of Helsinki, and Aivan. He has co-founded an outdoor recreation center, and created Central Park Skiers brand and product range while living in New York. Joonas is a graphic designer who loves to draw, prototype and bring ideas to life.
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