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Who are Piknik People? We’re designers and collaborators with distinct strengths and decades of experience in concept development and projects for education, tech, finance, marketing, and media.



Mari Savio

After selling her pioneering fashion brand Panik, Mari still worked years in fashion but started to shift her career more towards marketing. She did projects for Fiskars, Marimekko, Sanoma, Wsoy, and many more companies. She has published four books on design and has become a leading expert in design learning.

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Joonas Luotonen

In the early 2000s, Joonas started a tech company which led on a years long detour in the emerging world of mobile apps. He has also worked in Satama Interactive, TBWA Helsinki, Suunto, City of Helsinki, and Aivan. He has co-founded an outdoor recreation center, and created Central Park Skiers brand and product range while living in New York. Joonas is a graphic designer who loves to draw, prototype and bring ideas to life.
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Anna Kokki

Originally a shoe and textile designer, Anna has during the past years thrown herself into service design, user/customer research, and sustainability issues. Her vision has been put in practice in the Finnish Immigration Service and in various design learning projects. Anna is an organized and trusted partner who can distill her findings in actionable goals.

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