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Sketchbook & Technique at Glasshouse Helsinki with Kyrö Distillery

Our first live course went down on June 12 at a gorgeous newly opened Glasshouse Helsinki.

Sketchbook & Technique course participants immersed themselves in various techniques that can be used for creating new ideas and bringing order to those ideas.

The participants were also tasked to create a collage, which was photographed, and laid out in poster format. The resulting personal posters were then emailed back to the participants. In addition to the posters, everybody walked away with some newly acquired creative skills and a copy of Piknik People Project Sketchbook.

Kyrö Distillery kindly supplied some refreshments.

Glasshouse Helsinki
The so-called Lundqvist House was opened in 1900 and was the first building in Finland designed according to the principles of the Chicago School of architecture.

Glasshouse Helsinki combines retail, gallery, and project space on two floors.

Photos: Ulla Kokki


    • Concept
    • Sketchbooking workshop
    • Social media marketing