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Siivoustakki clothing concept for Vimma Company

For decades, a working jacket has been a trusted piece of clothing for women who clean, do other domestic chores, and work on farms.

While traveling in Russian Karelia near the Finnish border Mari saw these jackets in use and thought that the idea of a working jacket could be reinterpreted and brought back for the modern woman as a casual and versatile piece of clothing. A woman wearing one of Mari’s Jackets could use it as workwear, but she might as well wear it in parties or in the office. 

VIMMA Company got excited about Mari’s idea and wanted to produce the updated design and an oversized headscarf that the Karelian women donned as part of their outfit.

“Siivoustakki” – a Cleaning jacket was born.

The Cleaning jacket concept includes a sustainable and business savvy idea. The jackets will be produced of fabrics that are left overs from VIMMA’s other garment production and only a limited number of jackets will be produced of each fabric.

Joonas and Mari designed a cleaning cloth inspired brand identity for this product, including neck lables, hang tags, and promotional materials for shops and online.

  • Concept
  • Clothing design
  • Branding and labels